ESL Bible Study

improve your english skills & deepen your faith

About The Program

The ESL Bible Study is for anyone wanting to know more about the Bible while improving their language skills. The study takes place in a small group setting where we read and discuss a passage from the Bible. New English words and terms will be explained.

You do not have to be a Christian or have any level of knowledge about the Bible to participate.
As a newcomer, life conflict is an important thing to conquer. I found too many things I need to adapt here. Compared with my former life in Shanghai, everything is different. Most of the time I feel lonely, missing and lost myself. Pastor Terence leads me to Learn English through Bible study every Tuesday night at Trinity Church. I was fascinated when I was there for the first time. I can learn the Bible, history of Christianity and meet new people that have the same experience as me. I admire Pastor Terence's knowledge of history especially the knowledge of the Bible. He is so devout for Christian. The most important part I admire is that he not only imparts the knowledge of the Bible, he also prepares some questions to inspire us to think. Thanks, English Language Bible Study.
Yu Hauson
We spend every Tuesday evening together in a Bible Study designed by Terence for english language learners. This program started in 2017 and we joined in 2018, on our first month in Saint John. The program introduces God's teachings, discuss bible topics, help us cope with newcomers typical struggles and enhances our english abilities, vocabulary, reading and comprehension. The Bible study is well designed to accommodate different needs. Different english levels, different religious backgrounds. We fell encouraged, no matter how diverse are the point of views. And everybody leaves every Tuesday knowing a little bit more about christian love. We want to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to Terence as he has been particularly helpful to our english improvement, our faith path and above all to our settlement process, being such a nice friend.
Isabela and Gileno